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Sponsor a Child

Orphans Guardian Angels is committed to helping orphans focused children’s charity whose goal is to provide a loving home for every child.

When you become a child sponsor, you help provide an orphaned or abandoned child with the warmth and security in a family.

Your sponsorship contribution is used to meet the expenses to raise your sponsored child. These expenses include providing food, clothing, school fees, birthday presents, medical care and to pay the salary of the OGA mother who raises the child as her own.

Sponsor a child now and make a difference in a child’s life today.

sponsor a child today in zimbabwe and help them go to school
oga mother caring for orphans in imbabwe volunteer today


What You Receive?

  • A welcome letter
  • Picture and life history of your sponsored child
  • Twice a year update on your sponsored child’s progress in school, life and an updated photo

Why Orphans Guardian Angels?

  • Each sponsorship goes towards raising an individual child
  • Your sponsorship goes directly to the upbringing of your sponsored child
  • We keep orphaned or abandoned siblings together
  • Your sponsorship will also go towards securing a future your sponsored child will thank you for


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