OGA Mothers | Caring for orphans and Giving them Hope

OGA Mothers are at the heart of everything we do.

At Orphans Guardian Angels we ensure that our orphans receive the love and care of motherly love through Guardians that provide parental support and guidance to ensure orphans get the best care there is.

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OGA Mothers

OGA mothers look after children until they are independent adults. The tender love and care these mums are able to provide is very moving.

OGA mothers are the dedicated women who care day to day for children being taken care of by Orphans Guardian Angels. They are at the center of our work and a key part of what makes our charity unique.

OGA mothers live with their children in a family home, support their individual needs, and celebrate special occasions with them. Many former OGA children keep in touch with their OGA mother once they grow up, showing that the same strong bond exists as between a natural mother and her child.

Supporters like you ensure vulnerable children everywhere grow up with the love of an OGA mother


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